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On my Birthday :D

Hello readers , aicummmmmmm ! haaaa , banyak nya habuk kat blog nii . haha , biasalah i'm a student , boarding school pulak tuu . kay , now i wanna shared what happen on my birthday , it wass so COOOOOOOOOL . i got a lot of wishes cards and i got a BEAR , named Biyuuuuu . Okay noww , act i celebrated my big day on 14th april .

iniii kawan kawan seratas kitaaaa , they rock my world babyyyyy !

makkkk , thanks for coming and bawak dominos , secret recipe semuaa . andd bawak si Wan tu ^.^

Youuu , thanks for coming . i tak sangka pulak you nak datang betul betul . thanks a lot :') 

my only one bff , thanks for everythings . you always there when i need youu . iloveyouuu :')

okay on 15th April , hmmmm nothing happen . i cried a lot on that day :'( too many tears have dropped . hmmm , sebab ? no need to knoww . nasib baik ada mas and lain lain . they pushed me up to be more stronger . nowwww , i'm a tough girl ^.^

now meet my Biyuuu 

Thanks Ahmad Amirul Haikal , he gave Biyu for my big day , he brought me a big smileeee on that day ♥ ♥ ♥ , ehh ehh , bayak nya loveee . haha

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