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i am a girl who you never be , 17 yowwww . ipoh perak

Kawan ,

Me the one who with excited face and Hanifahhh , my bff

 Nelly's friends , and also my friendd :) 

last evening Nelly and i met them at Igop , they involved in hksbp at Star Ipoh . But , they stayed at Igop . so i dgn Nelly pun menggunakan kesempatan ini to meet themm . hahaha , mentang-2 lah rumah dekat ann ann :D lepas lah jugak rindu kat Cik Hanifah niii . 5 bulan tak jumpaaa . huh , pendamm rindu nihh . hahaha , macam couple jer --' Conclusionn , that eveningg was soooooo COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL  ^.^ kitaorang sembang tak ingat dunia !

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